Design-Build | IPD | EPC

BIM for DesignBIM for Interior DesignBIM for MEPBIM for Construction

Bradley Corporation’s core product design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery processes; partner well with these alternative project delivery processes:

  • Design-Build,
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Engineer, Procure & Construct (EPC)
  • Contractor-at-Risk and
  • Design-Assist.

Bradley Washroom Accessories and Plumbing Fixture Revit Models Bradley Washroom Accessories and Plumbing Fixture Revit Models Bradley Washroom Accessories and Plumbing Fixture Revit Models Bradley Washroom Accessories and Plumbing Fixture Revit Models

Download Bradley BIM Design-Build Resource GuideBradley BIM Design-Build Resource Guide

Bradley Resources Serving the Design-Build \ IPD Processes

As the BIM process has become a core component  of these Design-Build & Prefabrication project delivery processes; Bradley offers;

1) 1,000 Revit Models – BIM Files for

  • Architecture & Interiors | Design and Specifications
  • Engineering Design and Specifications
  • Construction Estimating, Coordination & As-Built Files
  • Construction Project Prefabrication and MEP Pipe\Fittings Fabrication
  • Owners’ Facility Management and Maintenance.

2) Product CAD Files for Design, Engineering, Construction & Facility Management

3) Bradley Revit Material Library

4) Bradley Product AutoCAD Files for Design, Engineering, Construction & Facility Management

View Article: View SysQue Provides Bradley Revit MEP \ Autodesk Fabrication Model Library View Articel: SysQue Provides Bradley Revit MEP \ Autodesk Fabrication Model Library

5) SysQue (Revit) and Autodesk Prefabrication (3D AutoCAD\cadMEP) models for BIM-driven MEP fabrication.

6) e-SPECS for BIM-Automated (Revit/ArchiCAD) Construction Specifications

7) (Digital) 3-Part Construction Specifications  and Product Tech Data Sheets for As-Built Commissioning Documents.

8) Bradley Prefabricated Products expedite Construction Processes & Scheduling; while minimizing labor costs and construction waste.

9) Bradley Sustainable Products & Digital Documentation to Support Green Construction Goals, Reporting and Certifications.

10) Flexible Order-Shipping Strategies to assist our clients’ LEAN Construction & Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery Processes.

11) The global Bradley Sales\Service Partner Network offers a local presence for project service, sustainable product recommendations & selection –thereby, maintaining the project schedule.

Download Bradley BIM Design-Build Resource GuideBradley BIM Design-Build Resource Guide

the_associated_general_contractors_of_america_agcagc_certificate_of_management_for_building_information_modeling design_build_institute_of_america_dbia


modular_building_institute lean_construction_institute_transforming_design_construction 3d_4d_5d_6d_7d_bim_model_construction csi_bim_practice_group_construction_specifier_institute_building_knowledge_improving_project_delivery

Bradley BIM Library (1,000 models)

Download Complete Bradley Revit Family Library (1000 Families) – Download All OptionsBradley BIM Library Available for Vectorworks Service Select Members

Design-Build | BIM for MEP Fabrication

BIM Means Business | Two Bradley BIM articles defining BIM for MEP fabrication

BIM Means Business | Plumbing Engineer Magazine – ASPE BIM Means Business | Plumbing Heating-Cooling Contractors – WI Association

Design-Build | BIM for Expedited Installation and MEP Fabrication

Download McGraw-Hill 2011 SmartMarket Report | Prefabrication and ModularizationBradley Revit Patient Care Unit and Dialysis BoxBradley Revit Valve System | Recirculation Station Navigator-NRS-8Bradley Enclosed Safety Shower S19384Bradley Keltech SNA Series | Tankless Water Heater Revit Model

Download McGraw-Hill Prefabrication and Modularization Report

advocate_av_series_hand_washing_system bradley_revit_Verge-2-station_lavatory_sink_family_LVLD2 Verge G2 Tuscany_1

BIM-Based and Digital Specifications

  1. BIM-Automated Specifications | e-SPECS for Revit and ArchiCAD
  2. Download Bradley 3-Part Digital Construction Specifications

e-SPECS Building Product Manufacturer Program | Bradley Corporation

masterformat_csi_numbers_titles_systemArcom_Construction_Specifications    MasterSpec_Construction_Specifications

Certifications & Memberships for Green / Sustainable Design Products

Bradley_Corporation_USGBC_MemberBradley_Corporation_GREENGUARD_UL2818_gold_Green Bradley_Corporation_AWE-Member Bradley_Corporation_WGBA_Member Bradley_Green_Logo

Download the McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report | Green BIMDownload a great study\survey (50-page PDF) McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report, revealing the benefits of using the BIM process for Green Facility Design and construction.

McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report | Green BIM

LEAN Manufacturing Complements LEAN Construction

Download and View Lean Construction BIM SmartMarket Report 2013 McGraw Hill Download Bradley has been transforming our manufacturing processes with LEAN Manufacturing concepts for several years.  Bradley’s LEAN processes complement our global clients’ LEAN & Green Construction processes.

Download McGraw-Hill Lean Construction-BIM Report

 The Bradley Global Rep | Supply Chain Network

View Bradley US \ International Contact Us Page Bradley Corporation Plumbing - Washroom Accessories Products | Global International Sales - Installations | Revit - BIM

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