Bradley BIM 6 Year Anniversary | 20 Million Revit Downloads | Thank You

BradleyBM Technical Resource Portal for Bradley Revit Library

Our sincere thanks to the thousands  of global visitors; that downloaded over 20 Million Bradley Revit family model files from the Bradley Revit Library since 2011.

Bradley Corporation launched the Bradley BIM Initiative in June 2009 with a collaborative team of engineers, product designers, executive marketing & sales professionals. Bradley built from scratch — over 1,000 Revit models from June 2009-2012. Revit models are part of our New Product Launch manufacturing and documentation processes.

Our thanks to the thousands of design, engineering, construction & facility owner professionals; that shared their Revit family requirements and standards with Bradley–

— via phone calls, emails, BIM surveys, support requests, BradVan visits, educational speaking engagements, trade shows & conferences, Autodesk University,  onsite office & project visits since 2009.

Your input from those thousands of conversations helped create;

1) Bradley BIM Resource Portal | 80,000 Unique Visitors (2014) \100’s of Articles

2) Bradley BIM Revit Library | 1000 Families | Bradley BIM 2.0 Library Upgrade (2014)

3) Bradley BIM Revit Library Customer Technical Support \ Online Model Standards

4) Bradley BIM Library – Autodesk Seek from Revit | 89% are Return Clients each month

5) Bradley BIM for Automated Construction Specifications –  e-SPECS

Bradley BIM 2.0 | Revit Family Library Update Available

6) Bradley BIM for MEP Prefabrication\SysQue (Revit)\Autodesk Fabrication (AutoCAD)

7) Bradley BIM Revit Family Support from Bentley Systems AECOSim software

8) Bradley BIM Library for Vectorworks

9) Bradley BIM for Design-Build \ Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

10) Bradley BIM Support for Bradley Global Rep  Network | 5000 Client BIM Flash Drives

11) Bradley BIM Education Association Speaker\Authoring  Support | AIA,CSI,ASPE,AGC

Technologies and processes are always changing. Bradley BIM is working on at least 10 Revit \ BIM supporting programs for both national and international BIM Initiatives.

Use our Contact Page to share your thoughts on additional Revit\BIM support; that Bradley BIM can add to our existing and/or future offerings to the AECO community.

We appreciate your continued support of Bradley Corporation’s Bradley BIM Initiative!

Download Complete Bradley Revit Family Library – Download All Options - 1000 Revit Family ModelsDownload Complete Bradley Revit Family Library (1000 Families) – Download All Options

Download Bradley Revit Family Library From Autodesk Seek Building Product Manufacturer Revit Library

About Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes is an Expert Revit-BIM Consultant and Author of Here's a short list of his industry credentials: * Classroom & Onsite Revit Training to more than 700 professionals since 2002. * Senior Revit Technical Project Manager on more than $5 Billion of Client Projects * Senior Revit Implementation Manager to more than 130 national design, engineering and construction firms since 2002. * Expert Onsite-Online Revit Trainer-Implementation Consultant * Master Family Modeler * National Educational Author, Speaker & Blogger * Corporate owner for 15 years; serving national & international clients.
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2 Responses to Bradley BIM 6 Year Anniversary | 20 Million Revit Downloads | Thank You

  1. Many thanks to Dan Hughes and his expertise that have truly enhanced the Bradley BIM initiative and made it a success. Always adding value, thanks Dan.

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