Taking the Mystery Out of BIM | CM-BIM Classes

View AGC CM-BIM Website Page for Certificate description, applications and testing centers.Transitioning your design, engineering, and construction processes from CAD to BIM processes – requires a BIM Implementation Plan; that budgets for technology and process training.

For those that have implemented BIM; this is an obvious, logical process for success.

Revit Implementation Puzzle – 5 Basic Planned Investments

However; for newcomers to the BIM process — its hard to ask the planning questions when you either don’t know the questions to ask OR why you are asking those questions.

A series of BIM Prep classes may be the answer. During my Baltimore visit with Gilbane’s BIM Manager, he described a series of classes; that has been helpful to educate owners on 4 topic areas of asking for  BIM on their projects.

Nationally, he’s seen design and engineering principals attend these same classes; as a prerequisite to ‘road mapping’ BIM Process Initiatives in their own firms.

I’ve highlighted these classes during my national BIM education classes and workshops. Attending owners, designers and contractors have provided their positive experiences from attending these classes –so here’s a course description that you can download of the AGC CM-BIM Certificate and its 4 classes.

View AGC CM-BIM Website Page for Certificate description, applications and testing centers.The AGC Certificate of Management-Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM) is an assessment-based certificate credential; that denotes knowledge and understanding of concepts related to BIM adoption, practice and process transformation outlined in the AGC BIM Education Program. Successful candidates will carry the CM-BIM designation.

Navisworks | Contractors Revit – BIM Model Viewer

BIM Unit 1: Introduction to Building Information Modeling (8 Hours)

BIM Unit 1 provides an overview of BIM terminology and practices while introducing important concepts necessary to understand how BIM is changing the construction process.

It is developed for those who have had minimal exposure to BIM. This course relies on a highly participatory learning environment including case studies, classroom discussion, in-class exercises and instructor-led discussions.

Course Learning Objectives

Following successful completion of this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Recognize the importance of BIM
  • Define common BIM terminology
  • Discuss how BIM can be used as a communication and collaboration tool
  • Explain the benefits of BIM
  • Explain the federated model process
  • Compare examples of successful BIM usage
  •  Discuss issues associated with starting BIM
  • Create a company BIM assessment

Revit Cloud Potential | 5 Game-Changing Processes

BIM Unit 2: BIM Technology (8 Hours)

BIM Unit 2 provides a neutral introduction to BIM tools. Throughout the course, tools are
introduced as they relate to the functions they perform, as well as particular phases in a project where they have the strongest capabilities.

By understanding these differences, it is possible for each attendee to determine what questions need to be asked prior to making an investment in technology.

Course Learning Objectives

Following successful completion of this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Explain the phased structure of a BIM project;
  • Discuss the classes of BIM tools;
  • List the more common BIM applications;
  • Describe how the use of BIM tools needs to be planned and organized;
  • Explain the need to embed tools into processes; and
  • Develop a process for identifying and selecting BIM tools.

Mayo Clinic BIM Manager – Contractual Project Model Development Specification

BIM Unit 3: BIM Contract Negotiation and Contract Allocation

BIM Unit 3 allows the participant to examine BIM and contract terminology to determine
best practices for integrating BIM use into project contracts, as well as hot-button issues such as standard of care, intellectual property rights, and insurance and surety bonding coverage to help participants become BIM champions within their organizations.

It is assumed that all participants have had exposure to basic BIM concepts and terminology through attendance BIM 101.

Course Learning Objectives

Following successful completion of this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Explain contract liability and standards of care related to BIM
  • Negotiate BIM Addendum terms for BIM Execution Plan development
  • Use BIM contract negotiation to establish proactive collaborative BIM
  • Identify intellectual property rights and licensing issues related to Model use
  • Recognize BIM coverage limitations in existing insurance and bond products
  • Devise fair risk allocation and management responsibility provisions on BIM projects

Download McGraw-Hill – Business Value of BIM for Construction Report

BIM Unit 4: BIM Process, Adoption and Integration

BIM Unit 4 provides a foundation for participants to establish and execute the BIM process, facilitate its adoption, and achieve integration on a single project and at a company level to execute multiple BIM projects simultaneously.

Course Learning Objectives

Following successful completion of this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Define process, adoption and integration as related to BIM implementation
  • Describe why BIM is a disruptive practice today
  • Identify reactive and proactive BIM outcomes
  • Evaluate and select process options for a specific BIM project
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of participants in the BIM process
  • Identify consistent factors influencing BIM Return on Investment (ROI) at the project and the company levels
  • Communicate the BIM process to management, colleagues, and project stakeholders
  • Outline a process for BIM adoption and implementation at the project and the company levels

Download McGraw-Hill Lean Construction \ BIM Report

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