8 Marketing Steps Define Your BIM-Revit Implementation End-Game

Revit Implementation Puzzle Building Information Modeling (BIM) Plan

Successful BIM implementation comes in ‘planned steps’ as you market, plan, budget and set achievable implementation expectations.  Joseph Joseph, identifies in detail his 8- steps to a successful BIM marketing program.

View Joseph Joseph LinkedIn Public ProfileJoseph Joseph is  a Practice Technologies Executive + Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering. He authored this article; when he was SAIC’s Managing Director overseeing all BIM/CAD Technologies strategies and initiatives, including strategizing, standards, and implementation of BIM in a design-build environment.

It’s not enough to have BIM capability–you have to know how to sell your BIM expertise to clients, prospects, consultants, your management teams and employees.

Joseph’s summary of each step, defines this as an Executive Level  article for principals, owners and upper management to consider prior to implementing the BIM process. If you’ve already started BIM — its a great checklist against what you have or have not achieved by implementing your BIM processes.

As a business and marketing planning article; it should be reviewed against your written Implementation Plans for Revit, ArchiCAD, Bentley or Vectorworks software.

If you’re a facility owner, this is a great article to help you define your BIM ‘End-Game”

  1. “Why are you asking for BIM on your projects?” — AND
  2. “How is your team going to use BIM files & processes for managing the building?”

Joseph’s article provides complete details for each of these 8 steps; that is published by  the Building Design + Construction Magazine \ Website:

Building Design + Construction Magazine8 Steps to a Successful BIM Marketing Program

Step# 1 ) Recognize the business and marketing aspects of implementing BIM in your organization.

STEP 2 ) Establish a BIM vision that is linked tightly to your firm’s philosophy and goals and is fully enmeshed within the fabric of your organization.

Step# 3 ) Identify a BIM champion within your organization to lead the effort.

Step# 4 ) Clearly delineate your BIM capabilities to clients.

Step# 5 ) Embed BIM into your firm’s marketing content. Start by creating a BIM portfolio.

Step# 6 )Educate your client-facing staff on BIM trends, language, and culture.

Step# 7 ) Customize responses to RFPs and tailor them to the BIM-related needs of the client.

Step# 8 ) To prepare a customized approach, start by studying the BIM scope.

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