Autodesk 2012 Showreel Video | 3 Million Bradley Revit Family Downloads in 2012

Wishing All ~ Happy and Restful Holidays from Bradley Corporation

View-Download Bradley Revit Family Library

3 Million+ Bradley Revit Families Downloaded in 2012

Bradley Corporation wishes to thank the Revit Community of designers, contractors and facility owners for their 3 million+ downloads of Bradley Revit families in 2012.

Your downloads, more than double your 2011 downloads (1.5 Million) from the Bradley Corporation Revit Family Master Library. (1,000 Families)

We extend our thanks to the 10’s of thousands of Autodesk Seek users; that downloaded Bradley Revit families from the Autodesk Seek Revit Library (Bradley).

The members of the Bradley BIM Team offer our sincere appreciation to the hundreds of architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners; that have offered their comments, recommendations and advice on how they’re using or would like to use Bradley Revit Family models.

The quality of the Bradley BIM Initiative has greatly benefited from your emails, calls, factory tours and convention visits. All have provided Bradley with great insight on our future direction for evolving the Bradley Revit Library.

Happy Holiday from the Bradley Corporation BIM Team ~ Happy New Year

At Noon on Friday December 21 2012, Bradley Corporation will be closed for for the holidays and will re-open on Wednesday January 2, 2013.

About Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes is an Expert Revit-BIM Consultant and Author of Here's a short list of his industry credentials: * Classroom & Onsite Revit Training to more than 700 professionals since 2002. * Senior Revit Technical Project Manager on more than $5 Billion of Client Projects * Senior Revit Implementation Manager to more than 130 national design, engineering and construction firms since 2002. * Expert Onsite-Online Revit Trainer-Implementation Consultant * Master Family Modeler * National Educational Author, Speaker & Blogger * Corporate owner for 15 years; serving national & international clients.
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