Bradley Revit Toilet Partition Visibility Settings | Revit Project Section Views

Bradley Revit Toilet Partition Family

The Bradley BIM Initiative has adopted many Revit family modeling standards; gained from Revit project field experience and the Autodesk Revit Model Style Guide – Recommended Practices.

Experience shows; that when Revit family 3D components are visible in 2D orthographic views (plan, elevation); it can reduce a Revit project’s performance.

Revit Project Performance | Revit Family File Size vs Family Visibility Settings

Therefore, Bradley has made a  deliberate effort to turn OFF all of the 3D solid components in our Revit Families’ PLAN and ELEVATION views.

Bradley Revit Toilet Partition Family | Toilet Room Plan

For example, Bradley’s Revit Toilet Partition families‘ partition doors, side panels, pilasters & overhead rail SOLID components are Turned OFF in Plan & Elevation views.

After Turning OFF the solid components, we add masking regions/symbolic lines to represent the Bradley Revit Toilet Partition families’ partition doors, side panels, pilasters & overhead rails.

  • Consider opening a Revit door family as a great example of this process. The door panel only displays in 3D views. A masking region displays the door in elevation view and symbolic lines are used to show the door swing.

Bradley Revit Toilet Partition Family | 3D Toilet Room Floor Plan View

Why a Toilet Partition Section View May Display Incorrectly

Unfortunately, in section views; Revit “sees” that 2D masking region which has one visibility setting for both the front & back views.

So, regardless of the direction of the section head (facing back wall or facing front doors), you will see the 2D masking regions for the doors/pilasters at the front of the stall.

Ideally, it would be great if Revit gave us these 4 separate visibility settings ; (1) FRONT, (2) BACK, (3) LEFT and (4) RIGHT visibility for each solid.

Currently, Revit only provides us with 2 combined visibility settings; (1) Front/Back and (2) Left/Right.

Bradley Locker Room | Revit Toilet Partitions-Lockers-Lavatories | Rendered View

Alternate Visibility Solution

The solution is to turn OFF our Masking Regions and turn ON the visibility of the solids in the partition family.

Currently, this requires a manual edit by your BIM Manager to switch the visibility settings from displaying Masking Regions to displaying the Revit Solid Components.

  • We’re reviewing future parameter “visibility switches” for controlling the display of masking regions & solids in the family properties
  • In addition, I’ve scripted a short online video on how to manually alter these settings. I’ll post the final video here as time permits.

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  4. Kevin Jacques says:

    Is the video mentioned above for changing the visibility on the masking regions on the partitions available anywhere? Our firm uses washroom elevations for finish views & washroom layouts with sections.


    • Hi Kevin – Currently the video is waiting for me to create it from the script. I have a reduced travel schedule in March, which would help to complete it. We can always arrange a support call with you; while you’re in Revit — to walk through the process. Please email me using the link on the Contact Page. Thank you for your interest Bradley products & Revit models.

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