Revit for Prefabrication -Lavatory Systems-Patient Care-Safety Fixtures

Bradley Frequency Lavatory System | Revit Rendering | View Bradley Revit LibraryBradley Revit Family Lavatory Systems | Autodesk Revit Rendering

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) process derives more value by leveraging several adjacent design-construction processes.

Prefabrication and Modular Design

Bradley products support construction prefabrication processes and modular design strategies that are proven financial allies to the BIM process.View Bradley LC2000 Patient Care System | Product PageView Bradley LC750 Patient Care System | Product Page

Bradley Patient Care Revit Families | Bradley Patient Care Products

These processes provide the owner with reduced construction time through faster installation & assembly, less construction waste, and consistent higher product quality.

View Bradley ESS Product Pages | Bradley Safety FixturesView Bradley ESS Product Pages | Bradley Safety Fixtures

Bradley Enclosed Emergency Shower (ESS) Revit Family | Bradley ESS Products

Learn how the BIM process, construction prefabrication and modular design are delivering value by downloading the 2011 McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report;

Download McGraw-Hill 2011 SmartMarket Report | Prefabrication and Modularization

Prefabrication and Modularization

Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry

View Bradley Verge Lavatory System Product Pages

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Daniel Hughes is an Expert Revit-BIM Consultant and Author of Here's a short list of his industry credentials: * Classroom & Onsite Revit Training to more than 700 professionals since 2002. * Senior Revit Technical Project Manager on more than $5 Billion of Client Projects * Senior Revit Implementation Manager to more than 130 national design, engineering and construction firms since 2002. * Expert Onsite-Online Revit Trainer-Implementation Consultant * Master Family Modeler * National Educational Author, Speaker & Blogger * Corporate owner for 15 years; serving national & international clients.
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