Bradley BIM Team Targets Biggest Revit Family Quality Concerns

Bradley Revit Family Library Targets Quality

The Bradley BIM Team emphasis (target) for the Bradley Revit Family Library; has been

  • Revit Family-Type stability and
  • Revit Family dimensional accuracy.

How many times have you downloaded a Revit family, inserted it into your project and then it visually “falls apart” as you switch between the Family Types?

How many times has your downloaded Revit family been dimensionally wrong (length, width, height)?

Over the last 10 years, these are 2 of the biggest concerns Revit users have given for NOT using pre-built, user and/or manufacturer Revit families (including, my projects)

These 2 quality concerns have been the main design targets of the Bradley Revit-BIM Team!

Bradley Revit family components are

  • flexed to the extreme using their embedded Family Types & Revit Family Catalogs,
  • randomly tested in actual Revit projects (large, small, workset configured),
  • scheduled and tagged within the Revit test projects,
  • visually checked in all project views, using each Revit Detail Level while utilizing a standard view scale.
  • submitted to at least 2 dimensional and technical review processes against the Bradley Tech Data Sheets.

Lastly, we ask Revit users that download Bradley Revit family components, to provide us with their feedback (bad & good) & recommendations from their Revit project experiences.

Creating Revit family project content is the largest, ongoing investment cost for Revit-based design firms and contractors.

The Bradley BIM Team is working hard to minimize our clients’ Revit modeling costs; by “project testing” Bradley’s Revit Plumbing Fixture and Revit Specialty Equipment Family Components.

The Bradley Revit-BIM Family Library has more than 1000 Revit Family Components; representing thousands of Bradley Division 10 & 22 products for your projects.

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About Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes is an Expert Revit-BIM Consultant and Author of Here's a short list of his industry credentials: * Classroom & Onsite Revit Training to more than 700 professionals since 2002. * Senior Revit Technical Project Manager on more than $5 Billion of Client Projects * Senior Revit Implementation Manager to more than 130 national design, engineering and construction firms since 2002. * Expert Onsite-Online Revit Trainer-Implementation Consultant * Master Family Modeler * National Educational Author, Speaker & Blogger * Corporate owner for 15 years; serving national & international clients.
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