Download Bradley Revit Custom Material Catalogs

OmniDeck LD4010 Rendered

Bradley has created custom Revit Material Catalogs for all materials specific for Bradley products. We recently revamped all our Material Catalogs to meet the growing needs of all Revit users. We have Material Catalogs for Evero (Verge), Baked Enamel (Partitions), HDPE Plastic (Partitions & Lockers), Quartz (OmniDecks), Terrazzo (Washfountains & Multi-Founts) & Terreon (Lav Systems & OmniDecks). You can find these all on our Bradley BIM Library page.

Terrazzo Material Catalog     Bradmar Material Catalog   Evero Material Catalog

All materials meet Autodesk Seek guidelines and the naming convention is consistent with materials already supplied in Revit. What makes our Material Catalogs special is they are all attached to “Chips” in a .rvt file (shown above) and can be simply copied from the .rvt file and pasted into your Project. The beauty of this is you do not need to go through the Transfer Project Standards dialogue box and transfer all the materials included in that .rvt file. This saves you on file space and keeps your Material Library clean from unwanted materials.

When you download our Material Catalogs you will receive them as separate .zip files. Inside those .zip files you will find the .rvt file and all the corresponding .jpg files that make up the materials. These .jpg files are required for rendering purposes. I advise that you paste all the .jpg files into your own personal Material Library that you have Revit search when you do your renderings. Once pasted in that Library you will never have to access those .jpg files again. Revit will automatically search in that assigned folder to attach the image to the material.

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My name is Jason Dodge and I'm an Engineer at Bradley Corporation. I have been assigned to a special BIM development team with which I am in charge of creating, modifying and problem solving our Revit Family models. We are taking great pride into offering our customers the best product in the BIM world and the Real world.
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