Bradley Revit Individual – Group Shower Family Components

We have added six more Revit Families to the Bradley Revit Family Library: two new individual showers, and four group showers. These are some sweet models – nice and compact file sizes, with all the activation and plumbing options built in.

The four Revit Group showers are of our Econo-Wall Showers, which are very popular. The two multi-stall Revit showers have a toggle (visibility parameter) to turn on or off the curtains in the views-which is pretty slick, especially if you plan on generating any visuals for presentation. Download Bradley Revit Econo Wall Shower Family | No CurtainDownload Bradley Revit Econo Shower Family Components with Curtain

The individual showers include the WS-1WCA and the ADA version, the WS-1WCA-ADA; both are also very popular products.

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